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Brochures, websites, press ads and radio scripts... copywriting is about delivering the right words, in the right style to the right audience, by creating a truly effective and engaging message.

Eyewrite Communication can provide the ideal copy for virtually any medium, including:

brochures  -  speeches  -  web-copy
direct mail  -  advertising  -  dvd scripts
magazine articles  -  editorials  -  media releases
reports  -  training materials  - promotional books  
...and anything else that needs to be written.

Transforming your ideas and messages into the right words is our specialty, and in most cases, work can briefed simply via phone and email or video conferencing via Skype.

Of course, nothing beats chatting about a project over
a good cup of coffee.

'Copy' is just another word for text... therefore a copywriter is a person who writes words. Most famously (or infamously) they work in advertising, but in reality, many copywriters also work in marketing, public relations and corporate communication.

Copyright on the other hand is the legal protection for someone's own creative words. It's that little © you see around the place.

So, to avoid confusion, or the assumption that I work in the legal field, I often tell people I'm a 'corporate writer'. This usually needs an explanation however, and about 50% of the time is followed by... "Oh you're a copywriter then?"

Ahh... Sometimes, ya just can't win.


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