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“A multi-faceted examination of contemporary paradigms and trends in the application of the Anglo-originating idiom would indicate an emerging propensity for unnecessary superficial complexity and definitional misapplication, particularly in the communication and public policy arenas.”

Ok, let's rephrase that...
"Looking at much of what is written these days, there seems to be real a trend towards making the English language as confusing as possible – especially in the fields of marketing and government."

This is where de-jargonisation comes in. Communication is only effective when it is easily understood by its target audience. Lose your customers’ attention, and you lose your customers.

Eyewrite can take most technical material and convert it into plain English that your target audience can not only understand, but will trust and appreciate.

Whatever happened to a bit of transparency in language? Is it time to unfriend the toxic assets of tweeting and sexting? Some people have developed a bit of a bromance with the new English, but the rest of us are probably shovel-ready to bring about its demise. Ok, so maybe we should just chillax for a bit, and get our stimulus  elsewhere – an App perhaps?

But are the latest expressions too big to fail? Not if the language csars at Lake Superior State University have their way. In a regular teachable moment, its English Department released its annual list of most overused and irksome words of 2009. And there are no prizes for guessing which ones were on it.

While many of the words will probably enter our language (my sure-bet is on “App”) others will pass unnoticed – replaced by 2010’s next generation of annoying words, terms and phrases, such as… hmm… next generation?

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