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Erik Chmielewski BA LLB

Lead Copywriter

With a background in law, education and management, he’s had to get his message across to magistrates, 10 year-olds and business executives. So he knows the importance of clear, interesting and engaging communication, that still meets deadlines and budgets.

His local and international clients come from the corporate sector, government, charities and individuals, and his work crosses a broad range of mediums from print to radio, the web and speeches.

Erik's philosophy is that every client is unique and every message is personal. That’s why he focuses not just on the words, but also the personality of each client, to deliver communication that accurately meets the brief and reflects its unique voice, culture and character.

So if you want the right words for your message, you need Erik at Eyewrite.

Erik Chmielewski Writer

Erik with bottles and posters from the "Chronicles" labels he wrote
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