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Fees and Estimates

Since every job is different it is impossible to give a generic quote for work.

For copywriting and speech writing, Eyewrite will generally provide an estimate based on an initial brief with the client. This quote usually includes:
1. Time for a detailed client briefing
2. Research
3. Writing and supply of first draft
4. Major edit of first draft following feedback from client     and supply of second draft

5. Two subsequent minor edits.

As a very rough guide, copywriting can cost between $0.70 and $1.00 per word depending on the research required.

For copy-editing work the quote will normally comprise:
1. Time for a detailed client briefing time
2. Major edit of copy
3. De-brief with client to discuss alterations
4. Final proofread.

What's what in copywriting?

things such as flyers, brochures, fact sheets, speeches etc...

maximum impact in minimum space – headlines, billboards, product labels.

Web-copy: specialist writing for the web, designed specifically for the way we read online.

emails, online advertising and electronic direct- mail – all written for fast, effective communication.

for radio they start from scratch, for DVDs, often the vision will dictate the copy.

Media & Editorial:
creating copy to look like a magazine or newspaper article.


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