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Yarra Valley Grape Grazing 2010
One of our favourite events - Grape Grazing was moved from February to April last year after the devastating bushfires. A decision hasn't yet been made on the 2010 dates.

The Shortest Lunch however, the annual moveable feast of the Yarra Valley's smaller wineries will, as always, be held on the 'shortest' weekend of the year - which falls on 19 & 20 June in 2010.

Did you know that Australia Post doesn't just sell stamps and envelopes? It's fast becoming a one-stop-shop for everyday needs. Pay bills, apply for a passport, bank a cheque, buy gifts and gift-cards, (Erik bought his housemate a pizza stone and recipe book for Christmas), stationery and even kitchen applicances - yep, a certain copywriter also bought a microwave at his Australia Post office. Look out for the latest flyer in your letterbox (yup, the still deliver the mail) – you'll be amazed what you can buy at your corner post office.

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