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The best copywriters are flexible, adaptable, curious and forever eager to turn their minds to all sorts of subjects.

Specialties are rare in Australian copywriting, however there are always industries that a writer seems to have more exposure to. So, while Erik has written for major supermarkets, private day-spas and building hardware manufactures with ease, a quick look at his client list reveals a few trends. In particular:
- Property development and real estate
- Wine industry
- Government and public sector
- Tourism

For a specific portfolio of work in any of these fields, please contact Erik@eyewrite.com.au or call +61  0404 049 845

What's what in copywriting?

things such as flyers, brochures, fact sheets, speeches etc...

maximum impact in minimum space – headlines, billboards, product labels.

Web-copy: specialist writing for the web, designed specifically for the way we read online.

emails, online advertising and electronic direct- mail – all written for fast, effective communication.

for radio they start from scratch, for DVDs, often the vision will dictate the copy.

Media & Editorial:
creating copy to look like a magazine or newspaper article.

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