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Speeches and Speech Writing

Many people feel comfortable making speeches but just don't have the time or confidence to prepare them. Others find the whole idea completely daunting - usually just through fear of being lost for words.

Eyewrite speech writing will help you find those words, and your nerves.

The key to good speech writing is not just capturing the message, but also the personality of the speaker.

Having written speeches for the highest levels of government as well as for private industry, Eyewrite can easily transform your ideas or message into a speech which sounds real and interesting and, most importantly, sounds like you.

Getting through that speech alive
  • Give your speechwriter as much material as possible.
  • Let your writer get to know you so s/he can inject your personality into your speech.
  • Don't panic. The audience is usually be on your side and will forgive the odd fumble.
  • Don't read visual slides (e.g. PowerPoint) word-for-word.
  • Try to reduce your speech to dot-points to sound more natural.
  • Look at your audience. It doesn't have to be anyone in particular, just look outwards and smile.

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