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Not sure when to use capital letters?

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Confused by punctuation, grammar or just simply using 
the right word?

Write Style can help answer your questions, and if you don't find them here, simply email erik@eyewrite.com.au for his tips on writing, word use and formatting.

And &/or Ampersand? (pdf)

Punctuation for Bullet Point Lists (pdf) 
(coming soon)

It's its apostrophe
One of the most common errors in writing is the use of the apostrophe to indicate possession.
Simple nouns get an apostrophe to show ownership, but pronouns don't. For example:
  1. The dog's bone is buried.
'Dog' is as simple noun and gets an apostrophe.

  2. The dog buried its bone.
Pronouns such as his, hers, its, ours do not get apostrophes

3. The dog's bone? It's buried.
In this case, 
it's is a contraction of it is and like all contractions gets an apostrophe to indicate a missing letter.

It's a shame the English language messes with its rules, isn't it?


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